Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Other Iron River -- Print Edition Now Available

And if I say so myself, it doesn't look bad (Thanks, CreateSpace).

Fifteen stories, trade paperback, for $7.99 list price (though Amazon discounts it a bit).  The stories included are mostly short ghost, horror, and fantasy stories, and I like to think that some of these pieces have a nice Twilight Zone/Jack Finney feel to them.  Check the book out if you get a chance, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

And here's the link to the print edition in the US Amazon store:
The Other Iron River, and Other Stories - paperback

The Kindle edition remains available (and cheaper, too).  Link for the US Kindle edition is:
The Other Iron River, and Other Stories - Kindle edition

The print edition should be available soon, if it isn't already, in other Amazon stores besides the US as well as in the CreateSpace store.

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