Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ebook Releases of Work by T. S. Eliot, Russell Kirk -- and More Gerald Kersh and Shirley Jackson

Can't get enough Shirley Jackson?  Well, there's more coming next year.  Here's a link to The Guardian's Alison Flood on a new collection (stories, lectures, essays, drawings) called GARLIC IN FICTION that should be out some time in 2015 from Random House.

And coming from Valancourt in 2014-15, four more Gerald Kersh titles, among other goodies.  The Kersh titles are the novel THE GREAT WASH (aka THE SECRET MASTERS) and the short fiction collections ON AN ODD NOTE, CLOCK WITHOUT HANDS, and NEITHER MAN NOR DOG (a collection worth the price of admission just for the story "Gomez").   In addition to the Kersh titles, Valancourt's releases will include Alex Hamilton's BEAM OF MALICE, A. E. Ellis's THE RACK,  F. L. Green's ODD MAN OUT, and more.  Find the announcements at:

Valancourt is the publisher of two other Kersh titles -- the novel FOWLERS END, and a short story collection called NIGHTSHADE AND DAMNATIONS (a terrific selection of Kersh's shorter work, with an equally terrific intro by Harlan Ellison).  Other Kersh titles have recently been reissued by Faber, and I believe Faber may have more Kersh scheduled for late this year.

Russell Kirk, author of THE CONSERVATIVE MIND, THE POLITICS OF PRUDENCE, and ENEMIES OF THE PERMANENT THINGS, also wrote a long study of T. S. Eliot called THE AGE OF ELIOT; that book has just been released in a Kindle ebook edition, and the release is nicely timed.  A number of Eliot's titles have also been released as ebooks during the last couple of months, including his SELECTED ESSAYS, CHRISTIANITY AND CULTURE, THE COMPLETE PLAYS, and others, with Eliot's COLLECTED POEMS due for ebook release in May.

If you're a fan of strange stories, watch for more Robert Aickman coming soon from Faber; his collection DARK ENTRIES will be released as an ebook in June and a later collection, COLD HAND IN MINE, will be reissued in July.

And speaking of strange stories, the above-mentioned Russell Kirk wrote ghost stories as well.  His ghost story collections have not been released as ebooks yet, but it's well worth checking your local library for them.  Look for ANCESTRAL SHADOWS or for the two-volume set of Kirk's ghost stories from Ash-Tree Press, OFF THE SAND ROAD and WHAT SHADOWS WE PURSUE.  If you enjoy ghost stories, you don't want to miss Russell Kirk.

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